Following the manufactures recommended cleaning every six months, our awning cleaning will remove embedded soil and grime, revitalize and restore the appearance of most awnings, and reduce fading and color loss. You can also sign-up for recurring cleaning and leave the scheduling to us! Our awning cleaning service will include:

  • Deep cleaning
  • Heavy rinse
  • Clean-up Area
  • Apply Protectant

Awning Repair

Over time awnings and component of awnings will wear out; however, a simple repair or replacement of a component will extend the life of your awnings. Common repairs are torn fabric, repainting or powder coating of frames, patching holes, replacing cracks or gear boxes, or repairing popped or split seams. If you have a damaged awning, request a free quote today. Our professional staff will:

  • Assess the damage
  • Inform you of options
  • Free cost quote
  • Schedule the job

Screen Repair

If you have a damaged window screen or door screen, and need it repaired, allow us to make that repair for you! It’s quick and seamless. You can drop your screen(s) off at our location, and depending on the size of the repair, we might be able quickly repair your screen while you wait. If you have multiple screens, we offer the following service:

  • On-site free quote
  • Remove old screens
  • Repair at our locationn
  • Install new screens

**If your screens are beyond repair, we will provide you a new cost replacement at the time of the visit.

Custom Services

If you are looking to cover unique items, remove old awnings, re-cover awnings with worn fabric, hard to find hardware, or a complete refurbishing of your current awnings, contact us today for a free quote to meet your needs.

  • Awning removal
  • Awning re-covering
  • Window & door hardware
  • Personalized Covers
  • Patio furniture recovering
  • Custom covers